Start Right / Dive Deep

You won’t get left hanging in the Start Right Dive Deep Program 

Over 40 and STILL not doing yoga? Are you sure you want to miss out on all the mind/body benefits? Maybe you got off to a bad start without personalized instruction. Or, you just got tired of the same routines with new-agey instructors and music. You deserve a “re-do so you can re-start the right way!

If you’re serious about getting going on your transformation, YHD has created a 2 month, on-boarding program.  File it somewhere beyond a “crash course” but not a full-on teacher training (no anatomy quizzes).  This plan will get you going up the curve much faster and might be the difference between being a yoga drop-out vs. a yoga adept.  Sure, if you want to wing it and try a class, feel free; but if you’re eager to learn, get results and transform, then the Start Right / Dive Deep Program is definitely for you.

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that self-directed learning in absence of regular teacher interaction and consistent community doesn’t work for most people. If anything, it just makes you feel bad about yourself. 

Start Right / Dive Deep  Includes:  

Access to all YHD Live ZOOM Group Classes for 2 months ($130 value).  You’re welcome to check-in and ask questions after each class.  It’s recommended you do at least one group class per week in addition to a private class and home practice. Private + Group + Home = Transformation!

8 Private 80 min. ZOOM classes over 8 weeks ( $640 value) to systematically introduce the YogaHotDish method, terminology, and techniques.  We’ll assess your unique body type, challenges, and goals.  You’ll know which poses are productive for your body type and which to modify or avoid altogether. Not all poses are for all body types.  The problem with young newbie instructors is that they think anyone can do any pose (including the splits!) with enough practice. That might be The Biggest Lie ever told about yoga!

Infographic Class Recaps (priceless). Recaps of our classes, complete w/ professional infographics (no hand-drawn stick figures) of what we covered available upon request.  This will be an invaluable reference going forward.  These are not just generalized instructions you could find on the Internet, but specific instructions composed especially for you, addressing your unique situation.  That said, you’ll likely internalize so much of the material, you may not feel like you need them, but it’s nice to know you can have them, especially for you visual learners out there!

Monthy Audio Recordings (MP3 files) of key material (usually around 20 mins in length) so you can practice anytime, anywhere.   As a private client, you’ll become a key influencer of which topics get added to the audio library.   Why not video though? First, you’ll have such mad skills that you won’t NEED video. Secondly, audio guidance is key to the YHD recipe; after all, yoga isn’t group exercise where you spend half the time looking at yourself (and others) in a mirror or on a screen.   You’ve probably heard the saying, “The medium is the message.”  Find out why FaceBook / Instagram Live and YouTube are far from the best media for a true yoga practice, if not altogether antithetical!

 You’ll gain an understanding of “functional anatomy.” It’s not about knowing the names of muscles, it’s knowing how your unique proportions, ranges of motion, and joint sizes/shapes affect your experience.

Chances are, you weren’t a gymnast, so why should you expect all the poses are right for you?  Some are downright dangerous, yet “modeled” and touted by gymnast/dancer yogis as if other body types should be able to perform them. Luckily for the rest of us, YogaHotDish isn’t a gymnastics performance; it’s a way to train the mind using the body–if you have a body and a mind, YOU can do it!

We’ll also craft a home-practice strategy that includes not only asana (exercises) but pranayama (breath mastery) and seated meditationessential for the highly sought after sense of deep calm and better cognition.  You’ll be introduced to polyvagal theory, resistance stretching, pilates techniques, fascia meridians, yoga philosophy, meditation-in-motion as well as in seated form.

Recommended reading list catering to your interests and goals which we can discuss during private sessions.  Because this program is 100% customized, we can go in-depth on whatever interests you. Because your instructor has over 20 years of experience and graduated from a top program, you’ll have much from which to choose.  Academically engaging with the material ensures that the physical practice will never go stale.

Because the YogaHotDish approach curates the best techniques from a variety of yoga schools and sources, even if you don’t continue with YogaHotDish, you’ll be better-versed than most teacher training graduates who only study one style of yoga, often from one teacher with limited experience (less than 10 years in most cases).

Comparison is often the most robust path to true understanding.  There are yogis who have been practicing the same style the same way for years and view other approaches as inferior. They have no idea what they’re missing–and they’re missing a lot! YHD has been through the Great Yoga Smorgasbord more than a few times so you can focus on the best and leave the rest!

Yoga wasn’t meant to be taught in large venues with a revolving door of students and part-timer teachers.  The ancient “guru” system was really what we call “mentoring” today. A “guru” would take in a small group of students who would learn from the guru as well as each other. This program is appropriate for beginners up to more advanced students who want to deepen their practice.  Why go through the rigors of an over-priced teacher training program and be one-of-a-herd if you don’t want to teach? In this program, you’ll be one-of-a-kind!

TOTAL PROGRAM COST: $800  For Special Covid-19 Rate,  just complete the contact form and share why this is YOUR time to start right!  If you think it’s too much, then the program isn’t for you–that’s fine.  We are in challenging times. Some will use the time wisely to invest, transform and emerge stronger–will you? Think about it: how much do you spend on your monthly cable and cell phones? What about hair and nails–dead cells! Are you one of those people who invests in your IRA or 401(k) but doesn’t invest in making sure you’ll live to see the rewards? We all know/knew people like that and it’s just…sad.

SERIOUS? Book your call now. Please name some times in the upcoming week you will be available and let’s find out if it’s a fit.  This program isn’t for everyone–I’m counting on it.  I only mentor a few students at a time so I can make sure they succeed! Still not sure? OK, meet me below this form…

Ok, we’re back…

Let me ask you this: Would you teach yourself tennis–do you think you could learn tennis after watching some videos??? Do you think you could keep up with a group of tennis players who had been going to drills and taking private lessons for years?

And yes, I used to be a collegiate tennis player and coach which is why I chose this example! Frankly, you’d be better off trying to teach yourself tennis–at least your poor form wouldn’t lead to injury as you wouldn’t be able to hit the ball enough times to hurt anything too much! It’s mind-blowing to me how adults think they can easily teach themselves a discipline that partially originates from gymnastics, a sport for teenagers!

You don’t see what I see as an instructor of almost 20 years.  There is a “recipe for success” and my confidence comes from having such a high percentage of my students making yoga a lifelong practice and the lynchpin in their longevity strategy. I am essentially trying to get you on even footing with people who have diligently invested in their yoga practices for 5-10-15 years–that’s thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours! I have 80 somethings can hold a dog for several minutes with deep diaphragmatic breathing–it’s inspiring!  A few can go from sitting on the floor to standing in ONE motion, without using their arms for support–can you???

The thing is, I see a lot people who’ve done yoga “on the Internet,” or at the gym or studio in an “unlimited” yoga situation and frankly, they don’t have much in the way of an understanding of yoga as a wellness system.  They have no breathing practice whatsoever (pranayama) and think they understand “alignment” so they are beating their bodies up trying to coerce them into some idealized pose (similar to that of the twenty-something instructor) that is completely unreasonable for them.  If you think this program is expensive, how about a torn labrum or rotator?

At some point, you have to “get out of your own way” and invest in your health the same way you invest in retirement because health is wealth! If you can get your spouse/significant other to invest as well, so much the better. I have seen many caregivers lose their own health over time; so much so, I’ll be happy to discount your “plus-one” in on the program.  Schedule a call now and I’ll give you your first reading assignment and, if we can ZOOM, a brief assessment