YogaHotDish Radio Recordings




Audio recordings by your teacher for your class means you can listen any time, anywhere you need a workout and a work in!  No distracting video screens and no sketchy “internet” yoga. It’s your yoga:  the same instructions you hear in class will make it easy to go inside and follow along in your mind’s eye.  Please indicate from the topics below those which you wish to own. The cost is $10 each, per recording. You own the MP3 but kindly don’t share this original work with others.   Please indicate which topics you would like in the “message” section of the contact form and select the appropriate number at checkout.  Your MP3 recordings will be emailed to you.  Note these recordings are designed for YogaHotDish students and not intended to be used for yoga teacher training by anyone.  Topics include:

Tadasana (Mountain Pose) ~ the basis of a standing practice (20 mins)

61 points of Savasana (20 mins) ~ a deep relaxation

Sun Salutation (20 mins) ~ the YHD way

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